Conflict Management Graduate Certificate

Become more marketable with a graduate certificate in Conflict Management

The graduate certificate in Conflict Management is a graduate level program designed for individuals who need to apply conflict management methods, skills and techniques in an organizational context. Individuals already possessing a bachelor’s degree or higher who are in human resources, counseling or supervisory roles will gain an advantage from the knowledge and skills obtained from completion of this certificate program by learning ways in which conflict can be managed for positive results in the workplace or in other settings. The graduate certificate in Conflict Management will benefit anyone who works with people, manages people or has a relationship with people.

Conflict is a natural occurrence that can result in positive or negative consequences. The content of certificate courses addresses issues that assist students in learning ways to change potentially negative results of conflict into positive solutions that benefit both the organization and the individuals involved in conflicts. Graduates of this certificate program will learn to communicate better; they will learn to take negative conflict and turn it to positive opportunity; they will learn to facilitate diverse workgroups; and they will learn to negotiate better outcomes.

Degrees Offered
Graduate Certificate
Master of Science

Gainful Employment Disclosure
Conflict Management Gainful Employment Disclosure


24 Credit Hours

Length: 9 months (3 quarters of full-time study)

Time length for program completion will vary depending upon the number of courses taken per term, developmental courses when required, transfer credit accepted, lack of continuous enrollment, etc.

Course Titles Credit Hours
CMM 510 Interpersonal and Intergroup Conflict Analysis 4
CMM 515 Conflict Theories 4
CMM 521 Managing Organizational Conflicts 4
CMM 540 Conflict and Culture 4
CMM 550 Negotiation in Conflict Management 4
CMM 557 Facilitation Theory and Practice 4
Total Credit Hours 24
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