Master of Science in Cyber Security

Learn to protect computers and networks with a Cyber Security degree

The Master of Science in Cyber Security (MSCS) degree prepares graduates to lead and work in various capacities to protect information infrastructures of different organizations. The degree hones analytical and research skills as it provides technical knowledge to understand information security with theoretical and practical experience. Graduates develop core competencies in information security assessments, monitoring and auditing of computer implementations and networks. This extends to investigating operating systems security, distributed systems, database security, security policies and protocols, cryptography and applications security.


The MSCS degree leads toward a cyber-security career, by gaining practical skills combatting real and simulated cyber-attacks. Some of the career paths in cyber-security include: Cyber policy analyst, Chief security officer, Cyber-security software engineer, Digital forensics expert, Information systems security administrator and many more. Sullivan University cyber-security graduate degree can be earned entirely online.

Gainful Employment Disclosure

Cyber Security Gainful Employment Disclosure

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