Master of Science in Conflict Management

Master of Science in Conflict Management

The Master of Science in Conflict Management (MSCM) degree is a generalist degree that provides the knowledge and skills in conflict management theory, methods and applications in business, industry, labor, government, education, religion and non-profit organizations. The curriculum will enable wide applications for (1) controlling lost capital due to grievances, complaints and litigation, as well as for (2) redirecting human and financial resources toward prevention of disputes, improvement of communication, and support of organizational mission.

Graduates from this degree program will understand the dynamics of human conflict; will be able to design conflict management systems and policies; and should be able mediators and conciliators for conflict management at all levels in their organizations. The degree provides a strong building block for persons who hold undergraduate degrees and desire to pursue full-time careers in conflict.

Degrees Offered

Master of Business Administration Degree
Career Certificate
Master of Science

Gainful Employment Disclosure
Master of Science in Conflict Management Gainful Employment Disclosure

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