Doctor of Philosophy in Management

Doctor of Philosophy in Management

Take your career to the next level with a Ph.D. in Management degree

Sullivan University offers the Ph.D. in Management to meet the growing need for practitioner-scholars who can apply their knowledge and experience in diverse employment settings. The Ph.D. program builds upon a strong research foundation with advanced study in management and practical applications of management knowledge. The degree is available in both online and hybrid settings with concentrations in Strategic Management, Conflict Management, Human Resource Leadership and Information Technology Management. The program features a flexible learning delivery system that allows working professionals to complete their studies without having to give up their careers. The Ph.D. program at Sullivan University has four major objectives:

  • To prepare students to conduct scholarly research relevant to the management of organizations in the public and private sectors;
  • To prepare students for responsible positions in private and public sectors;
  • To prepare management practitioners to develop research and application skills that will enable them to serve as leaders and scholars in their organizations;
  • To help public and private sector organizations solve critical problems, make better decisions, and foster environments built on performance excellence.
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Alumni Testimonials

“I chose Sullivan’s Ph.D. program for several complementing reasons:

  1. First the doctoral program is a rigorous, tracked, Internet-based program designed to keep the student focused all the way through a successful graduation. It is a quality program that changed my way of thinking and acting.
  2. Sullivan has the highest accreditation that the university can earn. The first audit by Southern Association of Colleges and Schools™ (SACS) ended with no discrepancies and top marks.
  3. Sullivan’s professors are exemplar educators with real-world experience that provides a pragmatic and realistic gestalt education.
  4. The doctoral program is in management with options to focus on four distinct disciplines. Since my master’s was in conflict management, continued focus in organizational conflict was a plus for me.
  5. The administrators, staff and professors were all dedicated to my success, which ultimately was their success as well.

“I graduated from the US Naval Academy in 1978 with an undergraduate degree in Operations Analysis, a math major. I didn’t think I would ever return to higher education, as I was a doer versus a theorist. The events of 9/11 rocked my world, as several friends were killed on those aircrafts. I wanted to understand more about human conflict, so 29 years later, I applied for the Sullivan master’s program in conflict management. Upon completing the degree, I was asked to teach based on my workplace knowledge and experience. To become a credible professor I needed to learn how to examine data and facts, and draw logical and meaningful conclusions based on research. I was invited to apply for the charter doctoral class, thus beginning my journey to self-actualization. Most students don’t complete a doctoral program because it is a huge undertaking. Sullivan’s program is designed to provide the support and encouragement students need to reach a successful graduation. After careful and deliberate consideration, I applied and began the journey of a lifetime. I have no regrets and I’m so very happy to have been in the first class to graduate with a Ph.D. I’m thankful for my fellow cohorts and their support throughout the program. I will be there cheering them on when they graduate. “The Sullivan administration did a fantastic job in acknowledging and congratulating the first two doctoral graduates. I was overwhelmed by the moment both emotionally and in gratitude for all who joined in with me during the journey. I didn’t graduate alone. My family, friends, fellow students and professors graduated with me!” Gary Boettcher, Ph.D. Adjunct Faculty, Conflict Management Program Sullivan University Online

“I had been searching for a high-quality doctoral program.

  1. It had to come from a regionally accredited college or university. Sullivan University is accredited by SACS.
  2. I wanted a program accredited by a secondary organization to ensure outside review of continuous improvement. The business programs are accredited by IACBE.
  3. It had to be an online program.
  4. It had to be a PhD. There are other colleges offering a DBA or a DM, but I wanted the gold standard, and Ph.D. is it – especially to people outside academia.

“When I discovered that Sullivan University was offering this combination, I jumped on it. I found out about the program on Wednesday during the first week of classes. I decided that I wanted to be a part of it, and was able to get all my paperwork in (thanks to my previous colleges) in time for acceptance by Friday. “What I discovered is that the program is as rich and challenging as any program anywhere. It is a full-time effort. The professors really care about the students mastering the material. They are readily available, even though it is a distance-learning environment. I am proud to have earned my degree from Sullivan. “After a 25-year career in senior management, I was hooked by the intrinsic rewards of teaching. I had been volunteering as a member of our school’s Industry and Professional Advisory Counsel (IPAC) and the department head for Humanities, Social Sciences & Management asked me to teach a course. I did this for a couple of semesters and without really planning to, I ended up with a full-time teaching appointment. That was 10 years ago. With just an MBA, I was the least educated of my peers. Then I had the opportunity to serve as department head, first for Humanities, Social Sciences & Management, and then for Applied Math and Sciences. Finally, I was promoted to dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. By that time I was considerably under-educated for my position. I tell my students that education equals options. The more education you have, the more options will be available to you. Before I entered academic leadership positions, I was already considering that without a doctorate, my options were limited. Now that I have a Ph.D., I have many more choices, even though I really enjoy my current position.” Patrick Hafford, Ph.D. Dean, College of Arts and Sciences Wentworth Institute of Technology

Degrees Offered: Doctor of Philosophy Gainful Employment Disclosure: Ph.D. in Management Gainful Employment Disclosure
Course Titles
Credit Hours
MGT 711 Organizations and External Environments
MGT 712 Seminar in Strategic Management
MGT 713 Individual and Group Behavior in Organizations
MGT 714 Seminar in Human Capital Management
MGT 715 Managing Innovation and Change in Organizations
GRAD 710 Research Design and Analysis
GRAD 712 Quantitative Research and Analysis
GRAD 716 Qualitative Research and Analysis
GRAD 718 Advanced Quantitative Research and Analysis
GRAD 719 Mixed Methods Research and Design
Doctoral Seminar: Proposal Development
Ph.D. Program Residency
Doctoral Comprehensive Exam
Dissertation Research
Conflict Management: (16 Credit Hours)
CMM 721 Philosophical and Social Issues in
Conflict Management
CMM 724 Organizational Conflict Management
Analysis and Intervention
CMM 728 Contemporary Issues in Conflict Management
CMM 729 Directed Readings in Conflict Management
Information Technology Management: (16 Credit Hours)
CSC 722 Data Mining and Business Intelligence
CSC 724 Knowledge Management
CSC 728 Contemporary Issues in Information Technology Management Strategy
CSC 729 Directed Readings in Information Technology Management
Strategic Management: (16 Credit Hours)
MGT 721 Industry Structure and Competitive Strategy
MGT 726 Seminar in Strategy and Public Policy
MGT 728 Contemporary Issues in Strategic Management
MGT 729 Directed Readings in Strategic Management
Human Resource Leadership: (16 Credit Hours)
HRL 721 High-Performance Human Resource Leadership
HRL 724 Workforce Analytics and Technology
HRL 728 Contemporary Issues in Human Resource
HRL 729 Directed Readings in Human Resource Leadership
Core, Exam and Dissertation
Concentration Area
Cornerstone Courses
Total Credit Hours

*Courses subject to change.