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Information Technology Programs

Tech Design Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity Certificate

Organizations increasingly process and store data and information on computers and networks. With the growing threat of cyber-attacks or security breaches of organizational databases and network infrastructure, security graduates are expected to understand information security beyond simple terminology and concepts. The Cybersecurity Certificate program is a concentration in the Associate of Science in Computer Information Technology. This entry-level program provides the basic skills and techniques to secure software, hardware and networks. Students learn to securely configure and administer Windows and Linux servers, which are the common environments to protect and secure an organization’s critical information assets and business systems.

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Cybersecurity Professional Certificate

The need to protect electronic and physical property of organizations from intruders, potential theft and other compromising acts is considered paramount for the fast-paced global economy. The increase of mobile users, digital applications and data networks deepens the reliance on transmitted data and information through cyberspace. This growth requires the advanced study of information security as hackers constantly explore and exploit any new protective measures put in place by organizations. Cyberattacks and digital spying are the top threats to national security, as sensitive information such as employees’ social security numbers, passwords and passcodes, network outages, computer viruses, and other incidents threaten the security of many organizations. The Cybersecurity Professional Certificate program is a concentration in the Bachelor of Science in Information Technology program. This intermediate-level program builds on technical skills that are needed to defend the enterprise environment and protect an organization, such as packet analysis, penetration testing, incident handling, and malware removal.

Tech Design Cyber

Network Support Administration and Security Certificate

Many organizations and the Internet rely on Cisco-based networks, making it critical that networking professionals have detailed knowledge of Cisco systems in order to achieve optimal network performance. Those with a thorough understanding in the deployment of routers, switches and networking principles are in great demand. This program is designed to instill a high degree of proficiency in deploying, managing and configuring Cisco routed and switched infrastructure. Graduates of this program possess the practical skills and knowledge needed to deploy Cisco routers and switched networks in an Internetworked environment.

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System Support and Administration Certificate

The System Support and Administration (S.S.A.) Program is designed to instill in individuals a high level of expertise thereby enabling the student to obtain certification through Microsoft, CompTIA, itSMF, and others. These certifications demonstrate the student’s job proficiency and knowledge and enables them to serve an employer with the high-level technical skills needed to manage new advanced networking systems.

Tech Design Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity Diploma

Networking constitutes the bulk of computing as emailing, net-surfing and e-commerce become ubiquitous. Protecting the network against hackers, spyware and viruses is therefore paramount for a healthy economy. A diploma in network security prepares students with the skills to acquire entry-level security employment in various computing platforms. Students are exposed to the fundamentals of security, computer hardware, networking, and operating systems. Employed graduates administer networks and assist customers in day-to-day network operations and troubleshooting.

Sullivan Grad School Certificate

Information Technology Diploma

This one year program is designed for students with a desire to quickly gain employment skills for an entry-level position in Information Technology. The program includes courses in essential information technology knowledge areas such as: business software applications, networking technology, hardware and OS troubleshooting, program design, website design and database design.

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Associate of Science in Computer Information Technology

This program provides a unique opportunity for students wanting to obtain industry-accepted certifications while earning an associate degree. The IT Academy at Sullivan University continues to enhance the program's curriculum based on current technologies.

Tech Design Cybersecurity

Associate of Science in Cybersecurity

The Associate of Science Degree in Cybersecurity prepares students with the requisite skills to safeguard network systems against threats as students can design and enforce security protocols, manage accounts, configure routers, repair compromised networks, and uphold regulatory constraints in business settings. In addition to understanding security fundamentals, students also understudy data communication, networking, programming and basic management skills. Graduates can work in several careers in the fields of security and network administration as network administrator, network security manager, computer security specialist and cyber security specialist.

Sullivan Business Justice

Associate of Science in Information Technology

This career-focused degree program provides students with a wide range of skills to meet the needs of employers seeking entry-level technology professionals. Students completing the Associate of Science in Information Technology program have the ability to solve problems and provide business solutions using a variety of technology tools

Tech Design Cyber

Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity

The demand for skilled cyber security professionals who can handle advanced network security design and disaster recovery is on the rise, as the incidences of corporate computer and network breaches increase. Job openings for computer forensics experts are expected to grow beyond 10 percent through 2020, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. BS in Network Security is an in-depth education program with a broadbased curriculum to place graduates in successful cyber career positions. Some of the acquired skills include those associated with network administration and security, computer networks, data communications, protecting electronic data through both offensive and defensive tactics, penetration testing, ethical issues, firewalls, security designs in Linux and Microsoft platforms, VPN as well as computer forensics. Some of the courses taken in the network security program may qualify for certifications through professional organizations and vendors like CompTIA that meet industry-recognized standards. Overall, the degree equips students with advanced skill-sets to design network security programs for a variety of organizations.

Tech Design It

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (B.S.I.T.) degree prepares students for a career in information technology with the communication skills, critical thinking skills, and technical competencies required in the modern workplace. This degree program includes a strong technical foundation in proficiency in web design, programming languages, systems analyst and design, operating systems, project management, and application software for business solutions.