The College's curriculum prepares graduates to be APPE-, team-, and practice-ready. The curriculum also develops students to be dynamic and throughtful leaders, while motivating learners to become innovators in all realms of pharmacy practice.

SUCOP offers a 3 calendar-year entry-level Doctor of Pharmacy program that supports and prepares students to meet the college's educational outcomes. All courses in the curriculum are mapped to ACPE Appendix 1 to ensure the program contains all necessary components. The first two professional years (PY1 and PY2) are divided into four 11-week quarters which consist of 10 weeks on instruction, 1 week of final assessments, and a 2-week break before the next quarter begins. The third professional year (PY3) is divided into four 12-week quarters which consist of two 6-week rotation blocks with a one-week break between each. The minimum credit hours required for program completion is 176.