Welcome to the Sullivan University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences preceptor homepage! Information is available on this site for all preceptors of Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience, Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience and Pharmacy Technician Externship for the Sullivan University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. If you have difficulty navigating or have addition questions, please don't hesitate to contact our office.

Office of Experiential Education

Sullivan University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
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What's new for SUCOP Preceptors for 2017-2018? (video)

Preceptor Application

Pharmacist preceptors must be licensed pharmacists who:

  • Have completed an ASHP-accredited PGY1 and/or PGY2 residency OR
  • Without completion of an ASHP_accredited residency, have one or more years of pharmacy practice experience and be recognized by their respective State Board of Pharmacy as a preceptor (if applicable)
  • In good standing with the profession and other health care professionals in the community.

Pharmacy technician preceptors must be certified technicians who:

  • Follow the registration laws for the state in which they practice
  • Demonstrate contribution and commitment to pharmacy practice and patient care, and have at least three years experience in the type of pharmacy setting for which they are training students.

Preceptor Responsibilities and Performance Expectations

Demonstrate a desire and aptitude for teaching that includes the important roles necessary for teaching clinical problem solving including instructing, modeling, coaching/mentoring, and facilitating.

  • Serve as a role model for students and other pharmacy practitioners
  • Provide learning experiences in accordance with SUCOP, ACPE, and ASHP standards
  • Demonstrate practice expertise, preceptor skills, and strive to continuously improve

Benefits of Being a Preceptor

  • Access to Sullivan University library resources and the Health Sciences Portal
  • Free continuing education credit for preceptor development
  • Appointment as a Clinical Faculty member of the College with the potential for promotion
  • Access to an online preceptor manual
  • Annual preceptor awards recognition
  • Student pharmacist involvement and contributions at your practice site

Preceptor Application Form

Current Preceptors


E*Value is the experiential management system that is used for scheduling, evaluation and housing demographic data for students and preceptors

Once an appointment is made as Clinical Faculty Preceptor and a preceptor has been entered into the E*Value system by the Office of Experiential Education, an email with logon instructions, password, etc, will be sent to the preceptor.

If you have not received or have forgotten this password, please contact Yolanda Long, Adminstrative Assistant for Experiential Education, at or (502) 413-8634.


CEImpact offers an entire library of programs of practical tools to help Preceptors engage students and residents and make the most of their teaching site. CEImpact's Preceptor Library includes a series of online, interactive educational activities that meet ACPE standards for education and professional development of preceptors. Including a month online journal club discussion - Login to Learn (L2L) - that allows preceptors and students to review and evaluate a clinical, primary literature article. Login To Learn is a LIVE webinar on the second Wednesday of every month from 12noon - 1:00pm (central).

As a preceptor you can:

  • Participate in activities at your convenience within your schedule
  • Choose from a selection of activities that meet your professional development needs
  • Enhance your ability to integrate student pharmacists
  • Benefit from an online journal club for participation with your students

Library Resources

Active preceptors have full access to the Sullivan University library resources including multiple databases, full-text journals, search engines and more. To receive your password, please contact Yolanda Long a If you are having difficulty navigating the resource page, please contact Amber Cann at

Submit a Drug Information Request

Getting Involved

At SUCOP, we value the input and participation of our faculty preceptors in the events of the college. There are several ways for preceptors to connect with the college.


Preceptors are invited to participate in the interview process for new student applicants. If you are interested in participating in the interview process, please contact Dale English at

Co-curricular Activities

Interested in helping with one of the student organizations? We welcome preceptors to serve as liasons between the student chapter and state/national chapters. Additionally, preceptors are welcome to provide mentorship to student organizations or precept students at community outreach events. If you are interested, please contact Stacy Miller at


Preceptors serve on committees at SUCOP. Appointment for committees are made at the beginning of each academic year.

Third Year Student Project Mentor

During the final year at SUCOP, students are required to complete a 3rd year project that is either a research project, business plan project or clinical seminar. If you would like to mentor a student for their 3rd year project, please contact Misty Stutz at


There are several opportunities for teaching in the SUCOP curriculum. If you are interested in teaching in the program, please provide a CV with your topic interest to Misty Stutz at


Preceptors are given a login/password to use in E*Value once appointment is made as Clinical Faculty Preceptor. If you have not received or have forgotten this password, please contact Yolanda Long, Administrative Assistant for Experiential Education, at or (502) 413-8634.

To view student schedule in E*Value:

  1. Select Reports from the top ribbon menu
  2. Select Schedule Report
  3. Select Appropriate Time Frames
  4. Select Next to see student schedule

To view aggregate reports in E*Value:

  1. Select Evaluations from the top ribbon menu
  2. Select Educator Reports
  3. Select Aggregate Performance (if prompted, select your Role: Preceptor)
  4. Enter the Start Date and End Date for the time frame in which you want to capture
  5. Select Time Frame Start Date from the Date Type dropdown
  6. Select Student Evaluation of Preceptor from the Evaluation Type list
  7. Select Next to see summary evaluation information

APPE: Preceptors will be contacted annually in August to gather availability for the following year of APPE students and will notified in January of the students assigned. APPE runs from July to May

Institutional IPPE: Preceptors will be contacted annually in August to gather availability for the spring institutional IPPE and will be notified in March of students assigned. Spring Institutional IPPE begins the last week of March and ends mid-June.

Community IPPE: Community preceptors are contacted in April for availability of the longitudinal community IPPE. Community IPPE begins in August and runs through June.

Preceptors are limited to 2 students at a time.

Below are the required items for preceptors to complete:

  • Mid-point evaluation of the student on E*Value
  • Final evaluation of the student on E*Value (should be completed within 5 days following the end of the IPPE/APPE)
  • Verify items on the Required Experience Checklist
  • Facilitate student completion of reflections