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The College of Allied Health at Sullivan University is host to several in-demand programs: Radiologic Technology, Medical Assisting, Surgical Technology, Limited Medical Radiography, Medical Coding, Health Information Management and, the newest addition, Community Health Services. Some of these programs date back to as early as 1892. As the population ages, the healthcare field grows. Knowing that, the programs in the College of Allied Health put graduates in prime positions to make a difference in the lives of others. The College teaches students not only their specific field of study, but does so with an emphasis on professionalism and community service.

The College of Allied Health has occupied its current Louisville campus since 2017, so all of the laboratories are new. The surgical program has two operating rooms with a scrub room in between, and the Radiology program has two radiology labs with up-to-date digital imaging equipment. The campus even has an on-site library. In Lexington, the College of Allied Health offers programs in Medical Assisting and Radiologic Technology. Between in-class lab experience and those at clinical sites, students truly mirror what they will experience once they enter their careers. As experts in their respective fields, the faculty make excellent role models for the students. With real-world knowledge, they are able to give the students more realistic and anecdotal tips in their instruction.

Most of the programs in the College of Allied Health require a certification after graduation in order to work in the field. Within all of the programs that have this requirement, Sullivan has a review course to help students prepare and, in some instances, we are even able to offer a mock test experience.

Linda Blair, Director of Education for the Dupont location, has been in healthcare education for 50 years. She graduated from Spalding University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing, followed by a Master's Degree in Education. She first came to what is now known as the College of Allied Health at Sullivan University in 1998, working for a short period as the director of Career Services before being appointed Dean. She has authored one book, co-authored two, and was honored to be the commissioner in a national accrediting agency. She is very active in community organizations that promote healthcare as a career, such as the Health Careers Collaborative of Greater Louisville, where Blair sits on the board of directors. 

Allied Health Dean Photo

Linda Blair
Dean of Education, DuPont Circle

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