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The College of Business dates back to 1962 at Sullivan University. It has evolved from its administrative and secretarial roots to what it is today. The College of Business offers Associate level programs in Accounting, Business Management, and Logistics and Transportation Management. On the Bachelor's level, programs include: Accounting, Business Administration, Human Resources Leadership, and Interdisciplinary Business Studies. In the Business Administration and Interdisciplinary Business Studies programs, students have the option to concentrate their degrees in areas such as Finance, Healthcare Administration, Management, Marketing, or Supply Chain Management allowing them to gain specialized knowledge in those specific fields. The Accounting and Business Administration Degrees also have Conflict Management classes built in as part of the core curriculum which provides students with a competitive advantage by including a skillset that is often sought after by employers. The College of Business follows a scholar practitioner model wherein the faculty are active and/or have real-life experience in the fields they teach. The College of Business faculty represent a broad array of disciplines and industries, so students get to see first-hand how all aspects of business work together. In doing so, they also experience the collaboration that happens when a strong team is working toward a goal. This focus allows students to learn from real-life examples. This unique approach affords students the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills to situations they will likely encounter as they grow in their careers. To emphasize this foundation, the Capstone Course for the Business Administration Degree engages students in a simulation that requires them to run a business for the term. They have full decision making authority in the simulation, and it allows them to draw on and apply all of the knowledge they have gained throughout the program.

College of Business graduates are prepared to enter their selected field or progress in their chosen career field because of the foundational, theoretical, and practical knowledge that they have gained while completing their coursework. Team leaders are prepared to become supervisors. Supervisors are prepared to become managers. And, everyone is prepared to be a more effective steward of the organization’s time and resources. In their final year of Bachelor's studies, students who wish to pursue further education are also allowed to fulfill elective space by taking classes in the Graduate School. If a student meets the required criteria, this opportunity affords him/her the chance to take four Master's-level classes that equate to 1/3 of their Master's Degree, while still an undergraduate.

Dr. Heather Merrifield earned degrees in Speech Communication from Southwestern Illinois College, two Bachelor's Degrees in Business Administration with a concentration in Management and Marketing, a Master of Business Administration, and Master of Science in Conflict Management all from Sullivan University. She completed her Doctor of Leadership Education at Spalding University. Dr. Merrifield is also a Humana Certified Six Sigma Green Belt, the faculty advisor for Sigma Beta Delta, a member of the MBA Research Post-Secondary Advisory Network, and the KY Department of Education Business and Education Advisory Taskforce. She has also consulted for Louisville City FC. She first came to Sullivan as adjunct faculty in 2007 then transitioned to full-time faculty as a department chair in the Graduate School with oversight over the Master of Science in Conflict Management, the Master of Science in Management, and the Master of Public Administration programs. She has been the Dean of the College of Business since 2018. Her focus is ensuring that students' education aligns with industry needs, so they become their best selves and build strong foundations for their futures.

Dean Business Heather Merrifield

Heather Merrifield, Ed.D.
Dean, College of Business
Sullivan Unversity

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Considering all instructors are past or current business employees, students receive relevant and current information in their education.

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Our professionally and academically consummate faculty are committed to helping our students meet their goals while encouraging their professional and personal growth.

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  • It was my first time living away from home, so it was nice to have small classes that made it easy to meet new people. I liked that most of my career-focused classes had instructors who also work(ed) in the field, and they could bring relevant and current information to my education. I actually learned about careers in advertising while I was attending Sullivan. I began as a student in the Hotel and Restaurant Management program. We learned about marketing and advertising in one of my business management classes, and I knew right away that it was the career for me. I went down to the registrar that day to change my major. Beyond that, the career advancement folks were super helpful in preparing me for interviewing. They gave a lot of advice and tips on what would set me apart as a candidate and look my professional best. Also, my instructors really embraced creativity in problem solving. They would encourage me to defend my work in business writing, and to think differently in design. 'Safe' wasn't the way to get to the head of the class, and it isn't in the real world, either.

    Jen Bryant
    Associate of Science in Business Administration with a Concentration in Marketing & Sales Management Graduate Account Executive in Louisville, KY