Sullivan University College Of Hospitality Studies

Hospitality is a particularly exciting career field to enter right now, with plentiful job opportunities in various settings as well as extensive options to travel! The College of Hospitality Studies offers two diplomas, a Professional Baker diploma and a Professional Cook diploma. It also offers four associates degrees, Baking and Pastry Arts, Culinary Arts, Event Management and Tourism, and Hotel and Restaurant Management. And lastly, a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management.

The faculty in the College of Hospitality Studies has been working together for many years, with the newest staff member being added two years ago. They have a strong work ethic, but still enjoy working together, and their different areas of expertise, hospitality, culinary or baking, allow a cumulative educational experience for all students! The school itself is fully equipped with an extensive international cuisine lab, complete with tandoors, woks and other specialty equipment.

Graduates from the College of Hospitality Studies can look for jobs in cities across the globe. In fact, Sullivan graduates can be found in hotels, catering companies, restaurants, cruise ships, and teaching positions in places anywhere from Tennessee to Europe and Antarctica!

Chef David Dodd is an accomplished chef and the Executive Director of the College of Hospitality Studies. He served in the British Army with distinction for twenty-two years, earning his Master Chefs Certification through the City and Guilds of London he became the special commitment Chef for the Royal Family for eight years. During that time, he was chosen to design and create Princess Anne’s wedding cake and in 1984 he was awarded membership into the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, by Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. After he retired from the military, he was a Chef Instructor at Thames Valley University and Highbury University. In 1989 he moved from England to the U.S. where he spent nine years in Chicago, working in research and development for a Unilever Company, and then joined the largest catering company in the city as their Executive Chef. He joined Sullivan University in 2002, as the Chair of Weekend and Evening programs and in 2005, opened the hospitality programs at the Lexington campus. He enjoys working with his colleagues and believes that when you teach you touch the future.

Chef David Dodd
Executive Director, College of Hospitality Studies

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  • Prior to coming to Sullivan University, I was a server in a restaurant and could not break out of the food service business. I graduated from Sullivan in March of 1985 and landed my first position in the travel industry in May – a position I would have for 13 years. I started with the company as a ticket processor for the customer service department and when I left the company after 13 years, I was regional manager of international sales.

    David Baggerly
    Associate Degree in Travel with an emphasis in Marketing Graduate

  • It was the best mid-life crisis I could have possibly chosen! I realized that, even in my mid-40s, this dog was not too old to learn new tricks. I was totally engaged by being around both the energy of far younger students, and the knowledge and experience of the chef instructors who were closer to my own age. New skills, new vocabulary, renewed discipline, new outlook on life, newly re-fueled inspiration and creativity.

    Leslie Stewart
    Associate Degree in Professional Catering and Personal Chef Diploma

  • My experience was incredible. I worked with and was taught by some of the most knowledgeable and caring chefs I could have asked for!

    Mitchell Cellars
    Private Chef Diploma and Culinary Arts Associate Degree Graduate