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At Sullivan, we believe you are more than just a test score

Many of our programs offer students the ability to further specialize their education. Each of our programs emphasizes the need for qualitative and quantitative managerial skills in the problem-solving realm. Our commitment is to the student and their career-focused education.

Hybrid and Online Formats

Our programs are available in hybrid and online formats. Our commitment is to provide career-minded individuals with the theories, applied knowledge, and shared experiences in formats conducive to their learning needs.

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Greetings from the Dean

Sullivan University Graduate Programs

Thank you for your interest in Sullivan University. As a proud alumnus of Sullivan, I know first-hand the positive impact earning a degree from this university can have on your life. I began my studies at Sullivan University as a non-traditional student. I graduated from high school a few years before starting college, and I had been working for about eight years. I was uncertain about my abilities to be successful at the collegiate level, but my amazing professors encouraged me, challenged me, taught me, and helped me gain the confidence I needed to complete my associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees. Although many of those professors have retired, the “I care” philosophy of Sullivan University persists, and our current faculty are just as committed and passionate about helping you succeed as you pursue your academic goals.

In addition to being student-focused, the College of Business and Technology offers a myriad of career-focused programs that fit almost everyone’s needs. You can earn a certificate in a variety of areas, and these certificates prepare you for entry-level positions. Then, you can further your education with an associate degree and a bachelor’s degree with several relevant concentrations. But why stop there? The graduate programs at Sullivan University offer several master’s degrees, and there is even a graduate-level certificate in conflict management. If your ultimate goal is to earn a doctorate, Sullivan University offers a PhD in Management with four separate concentrations. Take a few minutes to review the website to see all the options and discover the best path for your educational needs.

The stair-step approach has been a long-standing tradition at Sullivan University. One degree prepares you for the next one. As a student working on a bachelor’s degree in one of our management programs, you may be able to take graduate-level courses as your electives, which will give you a head start on completing your master’s degree. That is a win/win!

As the Executive Dean of the College of Business and Technology, I am delighted that you are considering Sullivan University for your academic pursuits. It was the perfect choice for me, and I trust it will be for you, as well.

LaVena Wilkin, PHD, 
Executive Dean, College of Business and Technology

Dr. Lavena Wilkin