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The Graduate School at Sullivan University graduated its first MBA students in 1997. Programs of Study include: Master of Business Administration (MBA), Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA), Master of Science in Managing Information Technology (MSMIT), Master of Science in Human Resource Leadership (MSHRL), Master of Science in Management, and a dual degree - MBA with MSMIT. The first doctoral program was added in 2010 - the PhD in Management that now offers concentrations in Strategic Management, Conflict Management, Human Resource Leadership, or Information Technology Management.

With a scholar-practitioner model built into the curriculum, and faculty with that same educational and professional background, masters-level students are gaining knowledge they can apply in their current positions and begin to see immediate recognition in their workplaces. In the PhD program, the students actually conduct research throughout their coursework which better prepares them for dissertation research. This is unique because students have the opportunity to potentially have their work published before they even graduate with their doctoral degree. Many of the graduate school programs are experiential in nature and offer students the ability to apply gained practical knowledge in the classroom and their careers. Course modalities available include online or on campus which is a blended course model offering students supplemental online instruction as well as the opportunity to interact and learn in the classroom depending on their needs. One of the best components of the programs in the graduate school is the diverse population of students. With a large number of international students, the programs and classes have an added level of global business perspective that is unique to Sullivan University.

The PhD program hosts an annual residency retreat that brings students and faculty together for a packed weekend of networking and sessions. This event is designed to provide insightful information as well as a supportive environment for these otherwise online students to meet and develop personal/professional relationships with one another, the staff, and faculty. Most students in masters and doctoral programs have already gained the technical skills necessary to be successful in their respective fields during their undergraduate programs of study. With a master's degree, the focus is on the skills and understanding students need to move into industry management and leadership roles. Many graduates of the PhD program are able to apply their research and experiences moving forward as university faculty members, industry consultants, and subject matter experts in their respected fields.

Dr. Tim Swenson, the Associate Provost and Dean of The Graduate School, earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Bellarmine University and completed his Doctorate from Argosy University. He is also a Certified Management Accountant and is in his 25th year with Sullivan University. Beginning first as an adjunct faculty member in 1994, he has been the Associate Provost and Dean of the Graduate School since 2012 and truly enjoys working with students who have chosen Sullivan University as the institution that will help them accomplish their goal of achieving an advanced degree that will change their lives and pave the way for them to become professional leaders and managers in their chosen fields.


Dr. Tim Swenson
Associate Provost
Dean of the Graduate School

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Many of our programs offer students the ability to further specialize their education. Each of our programs emphasizes the need for qualitative and quantitative managerial skills in the problem-solving realm. Our commitment is to the student and their career-focused education.

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Our programs cover a wide variety of delivery methods that include online and hybrid formats. Our commitment is to provide career-minded individuals with the theories, applied knowledge and shared experiences in formats convenient to their learning needs.


  • I have recommended Sullivan University to many social workers I come in contact with as a prosecutor and will continue to recommend Sullivan University. I haven't met one faculty or staff member that hasn't been professional, helpful or pleasant. The Sullivan community, as a whole, is fabulous.

    Geri G. Anderson
    Master of Science in Conflict Management