Accountants oversee the accurate and efficient operation of business by assessing financial statements, preparing tax returns, managing payroll and much more. Since accountants are at the heart of organizations, they are often consulted to make business decisions and to find ways to reduce costs, enhance revenues and improve profits. Getting your start in accounting many times can lead to a successful business career.

Sullivan Online Accounting Program Options

 Associate of Science Degree in Accounting
 Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting
 Master of Business Administration Degree with Accounting Concentration

Accounting Program Highlights

We are committed to preparing all accounting graduates to pursue accounting certification, including CPA (Certified Public Accountant) and CMA (Certified Management Accountant) certification. Plus, we integrate Becker Professional Education CPA exam prep into all of our graduate accounting courses to ensure that you are more than prepared for your certification exams.

Sullivan University’s accounting program follows a stair-step progression so you can move forward with your education as your abilities, finances and life circumstances permit. Begin with your associate degree to acquire the skill set necessary for an entry-level accounting position, then progress to a bachelor’s degree to prepare for management roles. An MBA with an accounting concentration can then take you even farther, equipping you for senior-level management positions and additional certifications.

As a national leader in career-focused education, Sullivan University Online is committed to helping our graduates find fulfilling employment now and throughout their careers. Thanks to individual career coaching for every student and free employment assistance, we are able to go above and beyond to match the right graduate to the right job.

Why Choose Sullivan University Online?

 Complete flexibility
Balance school, a full-time job and a family by setting your own schedule and learning at your own pace.

 Global access
Log on to your online courses anytime, anywhere. All you need is an Internet connection.

 Personalized attention
Our courses are designed so that you can learn independently but with the reassurance that your instructors are always available to provide feedback and answer questions.

 Constant support system
Our 24/7/365 online support center means any technical issues you encounter will be resolved quickly.

 Free access to employment assistance
Our team of career services specialists will connect you with employers and job opportunities all over the country from the time you graduate to the time you retire.