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Request for Evidence

Request for Evidence

USCIS issues written notices in the form of a request for evidence (RFE) in order to request missing initial or additional evidence from applicants or petitioners who have filed for immigration benefits. Each RFE is unique and pertains specifically to that individual petition therefore the International Programs Office must review the entire RFE document to ensure all documentary evidence requests are adequately addressed. 

Please read over the information provided here related to RFE requests and click on the link below to upload a copy of your scanned RFE and submit a request of evidentiary documentation from Sullivan University International Programs Office to support your petition to USCIC


A request for evidence (RFE) is a time-sensitive document – please share this information with the International Programs Office as early as possible to ensure ample time to respond to USCIS

Evidentiary documentation will not be supplied by the International Programs Office prior to review of the entire RFE document

All evidentiary documentation may be obtained by the student or will be provided by the International Programs Office. Requests for information/documentation made to faculty or other academic departments will not be reviewed or completed.

Sullivan University will not provide copies of practical training cooperative agreements between the employer and the university. 

The International Programs Office cannot (and will not) provide legal advice related to a USCIS petition or RFE response; however, we do advise students to seek counsel from a licensed U.S. Immigration Attorney prior to initial submission or response to an RFE document to best ensure success

The following information is available to all currently enrolled students and may be accessed without assistance from the International Programs Office (DSO):

Office Transcripts can be requested here.

Accessible through Student Portal:

  • Unofficial Transcripts
  • Tuition Payment Information
  • Receipts for Books and School Supplies

Accessible in Academic Catalog:

  • University and Programmatic Accreditations
  • Programmatic Course Requirements
  • Programmatic Credit Hour Requirements
  • University Grading Policy
  • University Attendance Policy
  • Course Descriptions
  • Practical Training Policy

Submit RFE Request

Required Web Form Information:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Sullivan University Student ID
  • Student SEVIS ID Number
  • Specific Request Related to RFE Response:(Include blank/notes area for student to complete)
  • Upload Full RFE Document (Attachment Upload)