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International Enrollments

While Sullivan University works to carefully track issues related to international authorization and licensure, it is the student’s responsibility to understand current circumstances or special requirements surrounding whether the online degree selected will be recognized in the student’s country of residence and/or any country in which the student intends to work; how the collection of student data may be used in any such country; and whether the student will be subject to additional withholding taxes in addition to the price of tuition. Several countries will not formally recognize foreign online degrees, which may have implications for students who later seek to enroll in other educational programs, or for those who seek employment with such a country’s government or other employers requiring specific credentials. International students considering an academic program that leads to a professional license should first confirm with the appropriate professional licensing board in their country of residence or country in which they intend to work as to whether a Sullivan University degree is recognized when seeking licensure or certification.

Students from the following countries should confirm with Sullivan University International Office that their program of interest is able to be offered in their country:









Students from the following provinces should contact the Sullivan University International Office to confirm that your program of interest can be offered in your province:

British Columbia

Newfoundland & Labrador

Northwest Territory



For all Canadian provinces, please check with the appropriate licensing agency in your province to confirm that your program of interest meets the educational requirements to pursue licensure in your province.