Sullivan University’s Partnership with NASA HUNCH

Sullivan University is proud to once again partner with the NASA HUNCH Culinary Challenge competition that helps send one high school student team’s culinary masterpiece to the International Space Station. This year looked a little different due to the pandemic, but the staff at Sullivan University was able to do the recipe production and complete the Sensory Judging part of the competition to help make one team’s dream a reality.  

Dsc 0985
Dsc 0998
Dsc 1000
Dsc 1203
Dsc 1225
Dsc 1277
Dsc 1262
Dsc 1286
Dsc 1290
Dsc 1288
Dsc 1303
Dsc 1301
Dsc 1476
Dsc 1477
Dsc 1481
Dsc 1479
Dsc 1485
Dsc 1363
Dsc 1428
Dsc 1379
Dsc 1458
Dsc 1465
Dsc 1234
Dsc 1229
Heat 1

Heat 2

Nasa Hunch 01 Small


For more information on NASA HUNCH, please visit

If your school is interested in competing in next year’s NASA HUNCH Culinary Challenge, please email Alli Westover, Project Coordinator at