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Misty Sinkfield is a Hotel & Restaurant Management student at Sullivan University’s Louisville campus. Here, Misty explains in her own words why she chose Sullivan, and how her college experience is going so far.

I chose Sullivan because of the hospitality. I checked into other institutes, and no one seemed very interested in the hospitality part of the field, only the business management part. Sullivan [seemed] to focus on the hospitality.

Sullivan has been around since I was a kid, and I would always see it when I was on the expressway, the symbol, and even as a little girl, I knew that [the] school was prestigious. I belong there, I would say, but I always thought I wasn’t good enough to attend.

So I went out on limb and did a live chat with Josh, and he was totally awesome about answering all of my questions and explaining all of the great benefits to attending Sullivan. I know this may be silly, but I feel such a sense of pride now that I attend Sullivan. No other school seemed to understand that I was looking for something that would allow my personality to shine. Sullivan does.

Hotel/restaurant management is a field that I’ve always loved to work [in], but I knew that I needed some official education to go along with that if I wanted the bigger dollars. Plus, hotel/restaurant [management] gives you a variety of choices to venture in and it has so many avenues for success. I love to give people that piece of happiness they’re looking for when they come into my facility. I know I’m the face of the happy, stress-free experience. Sullivan is just going to teach me how to be better at it.

I tell you, I never thought I would actually enjoy school, but I do. I guess you have to [be] older to really appreciate a quality education. [It] brings me to tears knowing that I have people behind me rooting for my success, not just me!

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Misty participates in Halloween week festivities at Sullivan.