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LOUISVILLE – Sullivan University is announcing a partnership with USA Cares, a Kentucky-based non-profit military assistance organization, to provide education and training opportunities to active duty and military veterans and their families to enhance USA Cares’ total mission.

USA Cares is a national nonprofit organization based in Louisville, Kentucky. Addressing the critical and unmet needs of post-9/11 service members and their families, USA Cares provides immediate financial and advocacy support through four programs: Combat Injured, Career Transition, Housing Assistance and Emergency Assistance. USA Cares strives to reach families at the earliest stage of intervention to prevent further financial distress and suffering by providing them with immediate financial and advocacy support in times of crisis.

“As USA Cares has evolved, we see education as a prime element to helping our service men and women as they leave the military and seek to enter the civilian workforce,” said Hank Patton, President/CEO of USA Cares. “Sullivan University has a tremendous and successful history of working with members of the military, veterans, and family members preparing them for second careers and employment. Its mission of educating and preparing graduates for the careers and workforce is a perfect fit with our mission at USA Cares.”

Sullivan University will assist USA Cares by providing an opportunity for its clients to participate in the university’s career education programs. Military service members, veterans and their families will be provided assistance in navigating the various education and training programs that will make them more marketable to employers and better prepared for the transition to civilian life and the workforce. This partnership program will also benefit veteran-friendly employers by ensuring a well-qualified and educated employee who also has the discipline and work ethic embedded via their military experience.

Sullivan University has provided education and training to service members and their families for more than 30 years at Fort Knox and currently offers a number of programs, ranging from certificates of training throughDoctoral Programs at various campuses and learning centers around the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Sullivan University also operates a robust online division that allows students flexibility in achieving their individual educational needs. Through continued education and training from Sullivan University, military service members, veterans and their families will create a solid foundation that will prepare them for a second career in the civilian workforce.

Sullivan University’s Military Admission Officers and staff will work with USA Cares to develop a program to meet individual career needs, said David Keene, Vice President of Community Partnerships at Sullivan University.

“Final details are being developed, but the program will provide a myriad of education and training opportunities for both our sponsors and our service members,” Patton said. “We are here to support those in immediate need, but our career transition assistance program provides a long-term solution while assisting service members and veterans in developing a career pathway that will improve or enhance their quality of life.”

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