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Online Policies

Online Policies


  • Students must self-register for online classes by logging into their student portal.
  • Students are provided statements to assess their technical ability and personal traits for success in an online course.
  • Students must print a registration receipt which includes:
    • Classes requested
    • Start date of the course (Monday of Week 1)
    • A message stating they will receive notification regarding the enrollment of the course(s) within 1 week.
  • A student’s acceptance into a class is contingent upon the student’s eligibility to take the class.
  • The Online learning staff will verify that the student has met the prerequisites and course requirements.
  • Students will receive an explanation via email if acceptance into a class is denied.
  • Students who are accepted into a class will receive a confirmation of registration via email, which includes the following:
    • Course number(s) and course name(s).
    • Instructions for accessing the course web page.
    • Student login/username and password for the course(s).
    • Information on how to access the Student Quickstart Guide.
    • Date the course(s) will be available to access. (Monday of Week 1)
    • Deadline for logging into the course(s) and completing the initial assignments. (Sunday of Week 1)

Student Attendance:

  • Students should log into their courses on a regular basis each week to complete assignments and participate in class discussions.
  • Students should post questions about the course to the “Ask the Instructor” forum. More personalized issues should be communicated with the instructor via e-mail.
  • Students must login to their online course(s) and complete their first week’s assignment(s) by 11:59 pm on Sunday of the first week of class. If not, they risk being automatically dropped from the course.


  • Students must use their Sullivan email account ( for online classes.

Student Assignments

  • Students will upload all assignments as directed by the instructor.
  • Students will receive feedback on their assignments from their instructors.

Technical Problems

Other Problems

Course/Instructor Evaluations:

  • Students are required to complete course evaluations at the end of the class.

Student Withdrawal:

  • Students must use the Online Withdrawal Form to withdraw from their online classes.
  • The Online learning staff will send a confirmation of withdrawal to the student. A copy will also be sent to the instructor.
  • Students will be charged for the course(s) through the day the Online Withdrawal Form is submitted.
  • Students must formally withdraw from a course. Students who do not formally withdraw from a course may receive a grade of “F” and be charged for the class.


  • Textbooks can be purchased through the Online Bookstore. Because of different editions of texts and software or other materials required for the course, it is recommended that you purchase books through the Online Bookstore.
  • Students working with Financial Planning should contact their Financial Planning Coordinator for information regarding Online Book Vouchers.