PAX Exam Info & Resources

What is the PAX Exam?

The "Pre-Admissions Exam" commonly referred to as the PAX is a standardized entrance test used by nursing schools and colleges across the country for admissions qualification.

The National League of Nursing Pre-Admissions Examination (NLN-PAX) is administered in three sections:

  • Verbal: This section covers word knowledge and reading comprehension. A student has 40 minutes to complete 60 questions in this section.
  • Math: This section covers basic calculations, word problems, algebra, geometry, conversions, and graphs. A student has 40 minutes to complete 40 questions in this section.
  • Science: This section covers general biology, chemistry, physics, health, human anatomy, and human physiology. A student has 40 minutes to complete 60 questions in this section.

PAX Quick Bits

How do I sign up for the PAX and when can I take it?
Your Admissions Advisor can help you with all the admissions paperwork and information on how to register for the PAX. Sullivan University has several testing days on-site at our Dupont Campus as well as the option to test online.

Should I bring anything with me to the exam and how long should I plan on being there for it?
The PAX requires that the proctor sees a current photo ID. This could be a driver's license or state/military ID. As mentioned above, the PAX is broken down into 40 minute sections, please allow yourself two hours to complete the exam.

How long do I have to wait for my results? What happens if I need to re-take it?
Results are typically available within 48 hours of testing. Your Admissions Advisor will reach out to you with your scores. Students that take the online PAX can access their scores online from NLN as well. If you didn't do as well as you had hoped the first time, their is the opportunity to retest 60 days after the last test. Although students have this option, no student can take the exam more than three times in a 12-month period.

I'm not sure when I will be starting my nursing program, how long are my scores good for?
Students that take the PAX exam need to start a program within five years of the test completion date. Students that wait longer than that, will be required to retest.

Exam Tips & Prep Resources

On exam day, be sure to get a lot of rest, stay hydrated, and have eaten prior to testing.

The test is multiple choice so there IS a correct answer. Use the process of elimination to get rid of bogus answers. When in doubt, go with whatever you first answer was going to be!

You DO NOT lose points for incorrect answers. So be sure to answer every single question. Remember the test is timed, so answer the questions that come easily to you first and then return to the harder ones. And again, if a hard question stumps you, make your best educated guess, since wrong answers aren't counted against you!

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