Department of Public Safety

Sullivan University Public Safety is dedicated to maintaining a safe and secure learning environment while providing excellent service to the campus community. Our officers respond to a variety of emergency situations, document violations of school policy and law, maintain campus publications relative to campus safety and security, enforce parking regulations and provide educational seminars associated with individual safety as needed.

Public Safety staff are available to escort you to your vehicle, jump start your car or unlock it (keys locked in the car) as requested. Officers may be contacted through the Student Services Office or the campus receptionist in the guest lobby. Please call us at 502-817-8292 (Louisville) or 859-514-3600 (Lexington) for 24/7 assistance.

Welcome To The Department of Public Safety

Sullivan Blocked

Louisville Campus
Department of Public Safety
(502) 413-8888

Su Lexington Bldg

Lexington Campus
Department of Public Safety
(859) 514-3600

Su Fortknox Bldg

Fort Knox Campus
For Knox Military Detachment
(502) 624-2111


Off-Campus Resources (24/7)
Sexual Assault Crisis Hotline
(888) 293-2080

For A Life Threatening Emergency,
Call 911 Immediately.

911 01

Our Mission

The Department of Public Safety will strive to maintain a campus environment characterized by safety, security and order. Public Safety will serve, educate and protect through community collaboration, problem recognition, problem resolution, communication and policy enforcement. In a partnership with the community, we will continue to enhance the quality of life and ensure that every student, staff member, faculty member and guest of Sullivan University is provided the best quality service and safety.

Our Vision

We will be a full partner of Sullivan University's trained and dedicated staff and faculty in serving the campus community, consistent with Sullivan's mission, values and principles.

Strategic Goals

  • Increase rapport through interaction with the campus community.
  • Visible and responsive patrols.
  • Proactive interaction with staff, faculty and students
  • Maintain a professionally trained workforce
  • Act as a resource in serving the campus community
  • Build trust through leadership
  • Build and maintain positive relationships with emergency services agencies
  • Collaborate with campus groups to improve quality of service

Five Public Safety Imperatives

  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Professionalism
  • Safety and Security
  • Teamwork
  • Visibility

Public Safety Values

  • Respect & Integrity
  • Commitment
  • Selfless Service
  • Duty & Honor
  • Loyalty & Courage