Parking Information (Louisville Campus)

All vehicles parking on Sullivan University property must have a valid parking permit. Students are required to buy a new permit every quarter when parking on campus. Permits can be purchased in the Book Store.

Handicapped/ADA Permits: Disabled Placards must be verified by presenting the placard and vehicle registration to Public Safety staff. Students/Staff/Faculty parking in disabled areas must have a valid Sullivan Handicapped/ADA Parking Permit along with their state issued disabled permit.

Admissions Guest & Visitor Permits: Guest and Visitor Permits are given out by the Receptionist in the Visitor’s Lobby.

Temporary Permits: Can be obtained through the Student Services Office. You must display a Temporary Permit if you:

  • Arrive on campus without your regular parking permit
  • Don’t have a parking permit
  • Have driven an un-registered vehicle to school

Employee and Faculty Permits: Issued by the Department of Public Safety upon request and verification.

Corporate Permits: Issued by the Sullivan University System's corporate office upon request and verification.

Student, Disabled, Visitor, Temporary, Employee/Staff and Faculty Permits: Permits should be hung from the rearview mirror. If you do not have a rearview mirror, place the permit on the vehicle’s dashboard, where it is clearly visible.

Lost/Stolen Permits: If you lose or have your permit stolen, report it to a Public Safety Officer in the Student Services Office immediately. There is a $10.00 fee for replacement permits. If a stolen permit is found on another vehicle, that vehicle will be cited, immobilized and/or towed.

Moving Your Permit and Changing Your Vehicle:If you begin driving a different vehicle, you must inform a Public Safety Officer or the Student Services Office with your new vehicle’s license number, year, make, model and color. Permits can be moved to any vehicle you register with Public Safety – the permit buyer is responsible for all citations.

Physical Placement of Your Vehicle: Vehicles should be positioned inside parking space lines. Overlapping or double parking is considered a parking violation.

Parking Areas Policy: Any vehicle without a valid permit parked at Sullivan University will be cited and/or towed at the owner’s expense. Any vehicle with or without a valid permit, which is parked in one of the following areas also will be cited and/or towed at owner’s expense:

  • Disabled area without an issued State Disabled permit
  • Admissions guest space
  • Visitor’s area
  • A fire lane
  • On the grass
  • In an area blocking a drive or another vehicle
  • In a space marked “Reserved,” The entire Faculty lot in front of the Library is “Reserved.”

Citations: Please pay citations in the Accounting/Business office. If you receive a citation and do not pay the fine, you will not receive your grades at the end of the quarter, you will not have a schedule for the following quarter, and you will not be able to receive a copy of your official transcript.

Towing Costs: The Department of Public Safety does not have a contract with any towing company, towing costs and impoundment expenses are determined by the towing company and impoundment management. All towing costs are at the vehicle owner’s expense.

Auxiliary Parking: If the parking lot is full, please note that Sullivan has auxiliary parking in the west campus.

West Campus Lot:

  • As you exit the Sullivan University main entrance, proceed straight across Bardstown Road onto Gardiner Lane.
  • Pass the Gardiner Lane One Hour Cleaners.
  • Turn left into the West Campus Parking Lot.

Parking Lot Shuttle Schedule: The shuttle runs between 8:00 am-3:00 pm and 5:00 pm-10:00 pm. Pick up and drop off is at the Winston’s Lot and at the bus shelter in the West Lot. The bus or van will make a round trip every ten minutes. Call Student Services with any problems at 502-413-8610 .

Permit Fees: Permits can be purchased in the Book Store.

  • Day School: $28 per quarter
  • Night School: $7 per night; Maximum $28

Any vehicle without a valid permit parked on campus will be ticketed, immobilized and/or towed at the owner’s expense.

Housing students are not permitted to park on the Sullivan University Campus when attending class.

Please do not park in the Gardiner Lane Shopping Center or along surrounding residential streets when going to classes, you will be towed or ticketed by Louisville Metro Police or the shopping center management.

Please call 502-817-8292 to report parking problems, for updates or more detailed information.

Parking Map

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