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Quality Enhancement Plan

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Putting CARE Back Into Career

The Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) focuses on Career Literacies and Career Competencies in four key areas: Career Awareness, Career Knowledge, Financial Literacy, and Communication Skills.

Introducing the Sullivan University Quality Enhancement Plan

Throughout your program of study, you’ll be hearing people talk about the QEP. They’ll be referring to Sullivan University’s new Quality Enhancement Plan. The QEP is titled “Career Literacies and Career Competencies: Putting Care Back into Career”, and it’s all about a set of initiatives designed to prepare you for a successful transition into a satisfying and rewarding career. This transition, of course, can only happen after you graduate – so you’ve got to graduate – but the QEP initiatives will help get you ready for that big day and for the career that will soon follow. There are several ways students, faculty and staff can get involved. After reading more details about how Sullivan is putting CARE back into career, check out the QEP link under Campus Resources in the Student and Faculty Portal for details on how you can get involved!

So what are these QEP initiatives that we’re calling “Career Literacies and Career Competencies”? There are actually four of them – expanded Career Awareness, increased Career Knowledge, heightened Financial Literacy, and enhanced Communication Skills. And they’ll be kicking in from the moment when a new student starts the admissions process at Sullivan. I know you’re thinking, “I’m not a new student – I’m already here – so what’s this got to do with me?” Just follow this for a minute as we take a look at the admissions process. Sullivan University has a long-standing reputation as a career-oriented school – in other words, students come here specifically to get the preparation they need for a satisfying and rewarding career. And many students come to Sullivan University knowing exactly what career they’re interested in. But not all students are so absolutely certain when they arrive at Sullivan. Some new students bounce around from program to program before they settle into one that’s a comfortable fit with their personal characteristics and their aspirations. And all this bouncing around leads, unfortunately, to the accumulation of unneeded course credits and undesirable debt. We really want to avoid this and get all students into their ideal program of study as quickly as possible, so here’s what’s going to happen in the admissions process. New students applying to Sullivan University are going to take a short career-preference test called the Holland assessment. This test scores the new student on six career-oriented personality aspects: Doer, Thinker, Creator, Helper, Persuader, and Organizer. The scores that the new student receives on these six career-oriented personality aspects will be linked to a list of potential careers that are particularly good matches for these scores. And these potential careers will be linked to relevant programs of study at Sullivan. The Sullivan University Admissions Officers will review the Holland assessment scores with the new student and help them in the process of selecting a program of study at Sullivan.

This will be a really nice benefit for new students coming to Sullivan, knowing that they want to get started on the road to a satisfying and rewarding career but not really sure what that career might be. This process will help to narrow down the choices and offer some good, solid guidance. And it will be coming from an objective, analytical assessment that has a track record of success. A new student, of course, might also get career advice from a high school counselor, or a teacher, or a coach, and a lot of advice is available from friends – and from parents, too! But it would be great to complement all of this with the guidance available from an objective, impartial, and proven test like the Holland assessment.

And what about those students arriving at Sullivan University knowing perfectly well what career they’re aiming for? Imagine the comfort and confidence that they will feel when their plans are supported and reinforced by the Holland assessment results. They will head into their programs of study reassured that they have found the perfect match at Sullivan University.

QEP initiatives will be rolled out each quarter. To find out more about the specific QEP initiatives, please visit the Student Portal QEP link under Campus Resources. Watch for the Career Connections QEP newsletter for specific examples of how faculty, staff and students are Putting CARE back into Career!

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