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Winter 2021 Student Life Activities

Week 1

Welcome Week Activities

New Year's Resolution: Vision Board Event

Mobile App Event: Music Streaming


Week 2

Mobile App Event: Show off your houseplants

Instagram Event: Virtual Involvement Fair


Week 3

Aromatherapy & Mindfulness Event

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Mobile App Event: Virtual Museum/Cultural Tours

Week 4

Mobile App Event: Favorite Tik Tok’s

Game Night! Drawful Event

Week 5

Virtual Talent Show

Mobile App Event: Groundhog Day

Black History Month

Week 6

Community Outreach: Valentine’s Day Postcards

Week 7

Alumni Event: Ask Me Anything!

Week 8

Manswers Q&A Panel

Week 9

Women’s Heritage Month

Word Search/Crossword Puzzle Event

Graduation Readiness Event

Week 10

Mobile App Event: Interactive Google Map

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