College of Hospitality Studies at Sullivan University

There is perhaps no hospitality or culinary school in America more defined by the people inside it, and the spirit, energy and imagination that they embody. Step inside the College of Hospitality Studies at Sullivan University and you’ll actually feel the excitement in the air. Classrooms and kitchens alike are filled with conversations, questions and answers.

We still get excited to see new students at the moment they discover, “This is it!” Their lives will never be the same. We see it in their eyes – they’ve found their direction, their purpose and they’re pursing a new career they love. It’s the reason we do what we do.


The CHS High School Teacher Learning Program features weekend classes that easily fit your busy schedule. Courses begin on Friday evenings at 6pm EST and the last class finishes Sunday at 2pm EST.

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The College of Hospitality Studies is located at Sullivan University. Each year, the Hospitality Programs of Distinction committee, which includes top chefs and representatives from Sullivan University’s College of Hospitality Studies, seeks out the country’s best hospitality schools.

For the last eight summers, we’ve hosted Culinary Camp for incoming high school juniors and seniors. Campers stay at Gardiner Point Residence Hall, learn new skills, and participate in evening activities! This year, camp is June 14-19 – register online today!

Instructional Videos

Butchering with Chef Wheatley

Product Identification with Chef Akmon

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